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Fish Sticks is a brand focused on achieving realistic targets. It is our goal to create a tight knit community of members which have the ability to take advantage of our different utilities. Using a Fish Stick as your access card, members will be able to network within our community, while taking part in different events across the US. One thing we also hold dear in our hearts is the severe water problem 1/9 of the population is facing. It is our vision to at the minimum attempt to put an end to this devastation. We plan to partner up with The Water Project to assist us with this goal. All of this while creating value for our holders, always keeping the floor price in a desirable state for current investors. 


The 5,555 individual Fish Sticks are generated from the hand drawn base traits of Foundings. Partnering together, Nexus and I were able to bring you this unique project. The main thing that sets Fish Stick apart from other brands is our actual utility. Our utilities take place after we sell 90% (Stage 4) and 100% (Stage 5) of our original supply. Although we know this is a big goal, holders can rest easy knowing that until we cross that point, Nexus and I have donated a sizable portion of our profits to help provide clean water to the families that don't have access to it in Uganda. Once we sell out, plans have been discussed to form other projects that branch out of this one, both creating value for our current holders while allowing new faces into the tight knit community we aspire to be. Whether you wisely choose to invest in us, or foolishly invest in a rug... Good luck in the space.

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