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Welcome to Fish Sticks!

Limited edition NFT project dedicated to bringing value to its holders, and providing clean water for those in need. Join our community today through Discord and Twitter!



Fish Sticks is a collection of 5,555 NFTs

76 possible traits including fish colors, accessories, eyes, mouth, and more

Presale- .06 ETH
Public- .08 ETH

Mint Prices

June 23rd-24th

Mint Dates



Fish Sticks is a limited NFT collection of 5,555 unique fishes stored as ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Here at Fish Sticks, we strive to deliver real life utility to each holder, and to supply clean water to those in need.


Each Fish is unique and arbitrarily generated from over 76 possible traits, including fish colors, accessories, eyes, mouth, and more.

When you mint or buy a Fish Sticks, you are not just buying a piece of digital art, you are obtaining access to an exclusive entrepreneur community, and are able to get access to our events, and conferences. Fish sticks is much more than art. Get your feet wet…

All events and conferences will be accessible by a fish stick art piece, which acts as a digital ticket. Events includes sports games, vacations, parties, and mission trips.

We value your loyalty heavily, and this is why we offer such great perks to our holders. When you buy a fish stick, you are not just showing us and the NFT community your appreciation, you are helping bring clean water to struggling peoples in the sub-sahara.







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