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Our Roadmap

Fish Sticks is bigger than art. Nothing we do compares to our donations to The Water Project, and that is saying a lot. Through our efforts we strive to create value for investors and aid in the fight for clean water.


Introduction of Fish Sticks
Releasing Art
Building our Twitter’s Foundation


Stage 1

Stage 2

Discord Opening
Whitelist Opportunities
Community Development


Stage 3

WL and Public Mint
Portion of Mint Revenue allocated to The Water Project

Transitioning our Discord to Holders Only

Stage 4


Holders Only NYC Party
Trip to Uganda to continue our Philanthropic efforts
5 ETH giveaway to Holders


Stage 5

Rented out club level at NY Knicks Game
Holder's Only Cabo Conference


Stage 6

The Tank Metaverse Project
Fish Sticks is moving to the metaverse!

Anyone who minted or is holding will have whitelist access to valued Metaverse Land!

*- This is not financial advice, we are simply promoting our product. All events and conferences do not trigger until 90% and 100% are sold respectively. This is to ensure all financial expenses are validly expendable. This does not apply to donations however. That is a definite expense.

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